Nate Wayman

Nate Wayman punches his way through the MMA player stats and gives you consistent, high quality picks and articles. As a daily player, his knowledge has allowed him to place at the top so often, around here we call him “Winning” Wayman. Check out his articles if you want to join him in the winners list!

Michael Liegghio

Michael Liegghio has been a sports fan for as long as he can remember and has been following hockey and baseball intently for all that time. For the past 2 years he has enjoyed playing fantasy sports on a daily basis and has many wins to show for it. With a love of research into advanced and non-conventional stats, Michael can consistently pick the winners. His mantra? “You have to trust the process!”

Jared Short

The NBA has always been in Jared’s blood and as a basketball aficionado, Jared Short writes wonderful articles that give you all the info you’ll need to win! A high earning daily cash and GPP player, Jared really knows his stuff! If you want the skinny on all things NBA, check out Jared’s articles.

Jared Fox

From north Texas, it’s no surprise that Jared Fox grew up an avid Dallas Cowboy fan. With a love of both football and basketball, and as a fantasy sports player for the past 10 years, Jared turns out well written, quality articles, week after week. Look to his articles for all the information that other writers usually miss!

Gabriel D’Antonio

As our main PGA writer, Gabriel D’Antonio knows all the ins and outs of golf. As a team golfer for many years, Gabriel knows how to spot the best PGA players. And as a fantasy sports player, Gabriel knows the ins and outs of winning! Check out his articles when it comes time for the pros to hit the links.

Ray Guajardo

Ray Guajardo has been a daily fantasy sports player and contributor to DFSWinningLineups for a long while now and always puts out top notch articles. He leads the way in providing picks for cash games and providing general player news. As a general sports fan and daily fantasy sports player, you can count on his articles to help you win!

Rob K.

Fantasy sports player since 1999. From Detroit, Michigan rooting for all local pro teams and the Wolverines. Correspondent on FantasyPros for NBA, NHL, MLB

Josue B.

Father 1st, DFS Analyst, part of @WinnersLineups, Dallas cowboys and Dallas Mavericks Fan.

Remo Sale

Remo Sale is currently a full time writer and contributor to DFS Winning Lineups. Possessing an astounding ability to recognize and analyze patterns has allowed him to excel in all fantasy sports. With countless wins in both GPP’s and cash games, Remo knows how to get you to the top of your game. You can follow Remo on Twitter @DFSEXP

Shane Kilgore

As an athlete in his younger years, Shane Kilgore developed a deep understanding of what it takes for a player to produce at the top of their game. Using that knowledge and an obsessive research habit has led to player picks and insights that many other writers would miss. As a daily fantasy sports player, Shane uses those picks and insights to win! Follow Shane on Twitter @Lineupzone

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