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DFS Fanduel NBA Picks 2/4/18: DraftKings NBA Lineup Picks

The best NBA Fanduel Lineup Picks for tonight 2/4/18 Our Picks will help you build the best and the most optimal NBA Fanduel Lineup for tonight.


Point Guard

Russell Westbrook OKC vs LAL Fanduel 12200 Draftkings 12000

He is Averaging 57.3 DK points and 54 FD points per game, Russell Westbrook seems to be in great form. Part of this is due to his 34.9 usage rate this season. He comes into a matchup against the Lakers that ranks 13 against point guards as they allow an average of 42.2 fantasy points to their opposition. Not to mention they allow an average of 227.1 fantasy points per game this year and the game is projected to be played at a decent pace. Consistent production is available from Russell Westbrook as he looks to continue being near his average of 1.52 pts/min. Look for him to take over the game at some point. A lot of skill and a good matchup for Russell Westbrook tonight! Projected Points 79.


Dennis Schroder ATL @ NYK Fanduel 7200 Draftkings 6900

He is on the road facing the Knicks tonight that ranks 7 against the opposing guards this season, Dennis Schroder makes a case for himself as one of the best options on the slate, relative to his price. He averages 34.6 DK points and 33.6 FD points per game beside his 1.09 pts/minute.  He typically gets a decent amount of opportunities per game as he maintains an average usage rate of 30.4%. Another reason why the matchup is good for Dennis Schroder is that the Knicks has been giving up around 225.39 fantasy points per game this year. All signs pointing in the right direction for Dennis Schroder, give him a look! Projected Points 39.


Eric Bledsoe MIL @ BKN Fanduel 6400 Draftkings 6300

Eric Bledsoe has been strolling along this season averaging 1.07 points per minute along with a usage rate of 27.3% . Fantasy wise, he averages 32 fantasy points per game on fanduel and 31.8 on DraftKings. Facing the Nets on the road tonight, this matchup seems like he is set for an optimal performance. They allow an average of 223.57 fantasy points per game and in terms of defense vs position, the Nets ranks 2 in that they give up an average 45.4 fantasy pts to the opposing point guards per game this year. A great price for a great all around player. He is worth heavy consideration. Projected Points 52.


Spencer Dinwiddie BKN vs MIL Fanduel 7200 Draftkings 6600

Set to matchup against the Bucks, there is a lot to like about Spencer Dinwiddie . Not only is he facing a team that ranks 12 against the point guards this year, with around 42.4 fantasy points given up to them per game, but, he also has a pretty good pt / minute ratio of 1.03 . It has translated into an average of 29 DK points and 28.8 fanduel points per game. This can be heavily contributed to his 21.5% usage rate, which implies he is getting decent production on both sides of the court, especially on offense. Stuffing the stat sheet against a not so great defensive team in the Bucks as they give up 216.52 points per game seems highly probable for Spencer Dinwiddie. Projected Points 37.


Shooting Guard

Khris Middleton MIL @ BKN Fanduel 7400 Draftkings 7100

Usage% is arguably one of the most important stats for shooting guards. Khris Middleton maintains a usage rate of 24.9 and this transpires into 0.96 pts / min. Overall, on Fanduel he averages 35  fantasy points per game and 36 on Draftkings. Khris Middleton is facing off against the Nets tonight who allow the 21 most fantasy points against shooting guards so far, this season. Not only this but they also give up an average 223.57 fantasy points per game to the opposing team. You can get a lot out of Khris Middleton for his price tonight. Projected Points 52.


DeMar DeRozan TOR vs MEM Fanduel 8500 Draftkings 8500

As far as his matchup goes, DeMar DeRozan looks to exploit the fact that the Grizzlies allows 210.81 fantasy points per game. His 30.1 usage % and 1.16 pts per min should be put into full effect considering he is up against the team that ranks 8 against shooting guards allowing an average 45.7 fantasy points per game to them. It is expected DeMar DeRozan outperforms his average of 39.7 DK points and 39.2 FD points per game.  Look for this shooting guard to get plenty of opportunities tonight against the Grizzlies. Projected Points 56.


Tim Hardaway Jr. NYK vs ATL Fanduel 6200 Draftkings 5700

There are many reasons why Tim Hardaway Jr. can pay off to be a decent dfs option tonight. First off, he is a against the Hawks who allow 42.8 points per game and rank 16 against shooting guards in terms of fantasy points allowed. Moreover, Tim Hardaway Jr. possesses a usage% of 23.9% and has had an admirable scoring game as he averages 0.91 points per minute. DFS wise, he averages 29 points per game on Fanduel and 30 on Draftkings. Tim Hardaway Jr. is one of the more attractive options at SG this evening. Projected Points 46.


Tony Snell MIL @ BKN Fanduel 3800 Draftkings 3800

Looking in this (high/mid/low) price range, Tony Snell seems to have some good attributes that can transpire into a good game. His 0.51 pts/min and 10.9 usage % are a strong reason why he averages 14.5 pts per game on Fanduel and 14.7 on Draftkings. Combined with how favorable his matchup is, Tony Snell is even more enticing. The Nets ranks 21 giving up 41.5 fantasy points to opposing shooting guards. Additionally, they allow an average of 223.57 points per game which is 12 most in the league. Tony Snell should be a safe lock for tonight’s slate. Projected Points 24.


Small Forward

Paul George OKC vs LAL Fanduel 8400 Draftkings 8200

Sporting a usage % of 25.2, Paul George has found a respectable amount of opportunities, mainly offensively, to produce decent stat lines this season. On Fanduel, he averages 38 points per game, and 38.5 on Draftkings. Additionally, to enhance his usage, Paul George accumulates an average of 1.06 pts / min. He faces the Lakers tonight that gives up an overall total of 227.1 fantasy points per game this season. Furthermore, against Small Forwards, they rank 2 in the league allowing approximately 44.2 fantasy points per game. A multi-threat DFS option, Paul George has all the skills to put up a great game. Projected Points 68.


Giannis Antetokounmpo MIL @ BKN Fanduel 11500 Draftkings 11300

For Giannis Antetokounmpo, he matches up against the heavily exploitable Nets defense which, to his benefit, ranks 18 in the league against SFs in terms of allowing 37.3 fantasy points per game. Also, they allow an average of 223.57 points per game to their opponents. This implies a decently high pace game which benefits Giannis Antetokounmpo’s usage rate and pts/min of 31.8% and 1.45 respectively. He looks to outperform his averages of 53 pts/game on Fanduel and 53 pts/game on Draftkings. Giannis Antetokounmpo seems quite viable for both GPP and Cash games tonight. Projected Points 66.


Michael Beasley NYK vs ATL Fanduel 4500 Draftkings 5000

Michael Beasley, averaging 21.7 pts per game on Fanduel and 22 on Draftkings, and his team the Knicks take on the Hawks in what looks to be a highly competitive game. Hawks ranks 9 against SF allowing an average of 40.5 fantasy points per game to them. Michael Beasley maintains a usage rate of 30.4 and pts/min average of 1.14 so he is set to be given a lot of scoring opportunities tonight. He should be a large contributor to his team’s offense tonight as they are expected to be around Hawks’s average points allowed per game which is 225.94. This small forward has some reasonable upside and he should be worth heavy consideration for GPP and Cash Games. Projected Points 32.


Jaylen Brown BOS vs POR Fanduel 5800 Draftkings 5900

According to our projection system, Jaylen Brown seems to be in line for a standout performance tonight against the Trail Blazers. This season, he accumulates 0.83 pts /min and possesses a usage rate of 20.6. the Trail Blazers allows 221.71 points per game and ranks 13, dfs wise, against small forwards, giving up 38.4 fantasy points per game. Jaylen Brown’s averages of 26 DK PPG and 25.5 FD PPG should be the minimal benchmark up against the Trail Blazers tonight. It would not hurt to consider adding him to your lineups tonight. Projected Points 33.


Power Forward

Kristaps Porzingisporzikr01 NYK vs ATL Fanduel 8700 Draftkings 8200

Kristaps Porzingis averages 39.8 FPPG on Fanduel and 39 on Draftkings. This is heavily due to his 31.3 usage rate. Another metric regarding his production given his minutes is his 1.24 pts / min. Tonight, Kristaps Porzingis and his team matchup against the Hawks who rank 5 in fantasy points allowed against big men. This comes out to an average of 44.7 fantasy points per game. Additionally, they allow 44.4 points in the paint per game, so offensive rebounds and plenty of close up baskets wouldn’t be surprising for Kristaps Porzingis tonight. Overall, he makes a for a solid play in his price range. Projected Points 64.


Carmelo Anthony OKC vs LAL Fanduel 6100 Draftkings 6300

Usage wise, Carmelo Anthony has been pretty good as he possesses a usage rate of 24.2% and a points/min of 0.91. The main statistic for players that occupy the 4 and 5 is opponent points in the paint. For Carmelo Anthony’s matchup, Lakers allows 48.9 points in the paint and 10.1 offensive rebounds per game which is 2 and 12 rank in league, respectively. Trying to continue or add to his averages of 29 FD ppg and 30 DK ppg, Carmelo Anthony will have a great opportunity to do so tonight against the Lakers who allows 43.8 fantasy points to power forwards  which ranks 10 most in the NBA.  Look for elite production from this big man tonight. Projected Points 52.


Serge Ibaka TOR vs MEM Fanduel 4500 Draftkings 5200

Serge Ibaka, going up against the Grizzlies who rank 23 in the league against PF, allowing an average of 40.3 fantasy points per game. As for Serge Ibaka, he has a usage rate of 19.1 . Not to mention, his per game averages are 25.4 DraftKings fantasy points and 25.4 on Fanduel. He makes great use of his minutes, averaging 0.92 points per minute. Grizzlies gives up 40.9 points in the paint per game and 9.7 offensive rebounds. In a matchup like this, Serge Ibaka is worth heavy consideration. Projected Points 27.


Kyle Kuzma LAL @ OKC Fanduel 4900 Draftkings 5200

This primary big man has had some great stat lines this year. Averaging 0.91 points per minute, this has translated into 28 DK ppg and 26 FD ppg. Already at his price tier, Kyle Kuzma seems like a viable option. He also has a great matchup that struggles mightily against forwards. the Thunder allows around 42 points in the paint per game this year and 9.2 offensive rebounds. He should have plenty of space and opportunities against the team that ranks 22 allowing 40.4 fantasy points per game. You can get some great merit by locking in Kyle Kuzma tonight. Projected Points 27.



Marc Gasol MEM @ TOR Fanduel 8300 Draftkings 8600

One of the more prominent usage centers in the NBA, Marc Gasol has a usage rate of 26.3% this year. He has put together averages of 38 FD fp and 39 DK fp per game, along with a pts/min of 1.13. He should accelerate these numbers against the Raptors that rank 6 against centres, giving up n average 38.1 fantasy points per game. Also, they give up a fairly high amount of points in the paint, 45.7 per game, which is 10 rank highest in the nba. Marc Gasol seems to be an enticing centre option on tonight’s slate. Projected Points 43.


Enes Kanter NYK vs ATL Fanduel 7000 Draftkings 7500

Averaging 31 Draftkings ppg and 30 Fanduel ppg, Enes Kanter is in a decent form coming into tonight’s game. He faces the Hawks that allow plenty of fantasy points to centre, an average of 42.2 to be exact, ranking 1 most in the NBA. One of the reasons the big men are superb against them are because of their inability to defend the paint. They allow an average of 44.4 points in the paint per game along with 10.4 offensive rebounds per game. With his usage of 22% and pts/min of 1.2, Enes Kanter is in prime position to exploit these abysmal defensive numbers. Projected Points 43.


Steven Adamsadamsst01 OKC vs LAL Fanduel 7000 Draftkings 7200

The Lakers ranks 13 in the NBA giving up plenty of fantasy points, 37.1  per game to centres this year. Steven Adams has great potential to stuff the stat sheet tonight as he maintains a usage rate of 16.6 giving him a bunch of room to produce. DFS wise, he gets 0.98 pts /min, 31 fdppg and 30 dkppg, not only is he a prime candidate to get a bunch of fantasy points from blocks, assists, rebounds, etc.. , Steven Adams is projected to have a bunch of opportunities to score as the opponents allow an average of 48.9 points in the paint per game. He is a superb play that should not be ignored tonight. Projected Points 33.

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