November 1, 2017
DFS Fanduel NBA Picks 11/06/17: DraftKings NBA Lineup Picks
November 6, 2017
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DFS Fanduel NBA Picks 11/03/17: DraftKings NBA Lineup Picks

DFS Fanduel NBA Picks 11/03/17: DraftKings NBA Lineup Picks
Kyle Kuzma v. Brooklyn $4,700
BRK@LAL is the most optimal total-to-spread ratio on the night, with an O/U of 224 and a spread of -2.5. For Vegas-Projected games like these, I personally like to target power forwards in the $4,000-$6,000 range with complete games in terms of cross-stat production. Now I liked Kuzma BEFORE I heard Larry Nance had a fractured thumb, but obviously this opens up even more opportunity for Kuzma to make a fantasy impact. FWIW I figure Lonzo Ball to have a good game as well, so feel free to stack them if he’s part of your plan. But as a more expensive player and presumably higher ownership, I think Kuzma will be the player that advances your player further into the victory threshold. Kuzma has been averaging 24.3 FDP over his last 6 games, 0.8 FDP above his Value-Reflecting-Salary, while staggering minutes with Larry Nance and Julius Randle. I just can’t see how he doesn’t produce with Larry Nance’s injury, and the pace of this game. I think he’s in for a boost in rebounds and points, and ideally an extra B+P or two. It’s perfectly reasonable to project something in the neighborhood of 19 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 B+S and 2 TO’s for 30.5 FDP.    Prediction: 25+ FDP
Kyrie Irvingirvinky01 @ OKC $8,400
Irving is going to have to show up to keep this game in Boston’s sights. He hasn’t shown that he’s in the top 5 point guard conversation so far this season, but has a history of tremendous stat lines showing up at bizarre times. He’s scored more points against the Spurs (57) than anyone in history, but has also had a 17 point, 3 assist, 4 rebound clunker in 39 minutes against Milwaukee at home already this season. HIs value is sporadic, but also explosive, and Westbrook tends to get his opposing guards to play a hard-fought game. In order for Kyrie to meet my expectations, he’ll need to cash in 30 for the first time this season and an above-average night in assists. He’s also crushing it in steals averaging 2.5 a game this season. Up from his second highest year of 1.5 a game. Picture Irving with 30+ points, 5+ assists, and 2 B+S. Hoping for a 55+ FDP night for him tonight.  Prediction: 50+ FDP
Donovan Mitchell v. Toronto $4,400
Over Donovan Mitchell‘s last 3 games, he’s averaged 29 FDP, averaging over 19 points a game for the Jazz in that span. Toronto is a team that keeps opponents on their toes on offense, and for a team like Utah who don’t have many options in terms of volume scoring, Mitchell makes for a great candidate to be the player that the Jazz need for him to be. HIs fantasy arrow is pointing up and I don’t see that changing if Utah continues to award his great play with minutes in the high 20’s-low 30’s. So far this year against the Raptors, Jamal Murray has had 24 points, Stephen Curry has had 30 points, and Kevin Durant has had 29 points. Donovan Mitchell is a budding fantasy asset, and I’m definitely taking a flyer on him in at least a few lineups. 21 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists with 1 B+P and 1 TO earns you 30.8 FDP. Prediction: 26+ FDP

Domantas Sabonis @ Philadelphia $5,600

Domanatos Sabonis is that player who will have a high ownership definitely, but that you’ll want to take a chance on if he does indeed turn out to be that guy who cashes in 40% over his Value-Reflecting-Salary. Sabonis has been on a tear in the absence of Myles Turner averaging 13+ rebounds and 16+ points with 4 assists over his last 3 games. Over his last 6 games, he’s only scored less than 32.7 FDP one time, other than that game on the road against OKC, he’s averaged 37.9 FDP in his other 5 games. That means he’s been playing above his Value-Reflecting-Salary by almost 10 points. These are tremendous numbers, and Sabonis has shown he’s serious if he gets the minutes. I’m on board for a big game for him tonight against an in conference foe like Philadelphia. 15 points, 13 rebounds, 3 assists with 1B+S and 1 turnover registers 36.1 FDP.  Prediction: 33+ FDP
Dwight Howardhowardw01 @ San Antonio $7,500
San Antonio on the road is the perfect game for Howard to make an impact. It’s projected to be a low scoring game with the Spurs favored by 3. San Antonio is a hard venue to play in, but Howard has the veteran acumen that’s usually unfazed in any arena on the road. Howard has quietly been a great asset for the Hornets, leading them in Defense-Win-Shares with 0.5 a game and close to 17 rebounds a game. San Antonio scores 62% of their points from 2’s, so I think Howard has a great chance to see a boost in residual stats like rebounds and blocks. I would consider any other Charlotte player tonight a significant risk due to their price-points. $7,900 for Kemba Walker, and $6,100 for Jeremy Lamb, don’t jump out at me as good values. I like Dwight to go for something like 17 points, 15 rebounds, an assist and 2 B+P with 2 TO’s, he registers 40.5 FDP. I think he can easily come close.  Prediction: 40+ FDP

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