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FanDuel NFL Cheat Sheet & DraftKings 2016 Week 5
October 6, 2016
Daily Fantasy NBA Preseason Fanduel Expert Picks and Advice 10/6/2016
Daily Fantasy NBA Preseason Fanduel Expert Picks and Advice 10/6/2016
October 6, 2016

Fanduel NFL 2016 week 5 Top Picks For Running Backs & DraftKings

Daily Fantasy Football NFL 2016 Week 5 Experts Running Backs top Picks for Fanduel & DraftKings

Daily Fantasy Football NFL 2016 Week 5 Experts Running Backs top Picks for Fanduel & DraftKings

WELCOME football fans to this weeks’ edition of Juiced Up by DFS_JUICE.  Before I get into my picks for week 5 I would like to take a moment and send my thoughts and prayers to anyone who will be affected by the very powerful category 3, Hurricane Mathew. May God be with you all as you embrace this horrendous storm.  Now ladies and gentlemen.  As my good friend and collegue MMA NATE would say IT’s TIME!!!!!!!!!! Week 5 starts NOW

Here is some of our Dfs winning Lineups results From Last week Cashing all slates!!!!

fanduel nfl lineup fanduel nfl lineup fanduel nfl lineup fanduel nfl lineup

Melvin Gordon (FD $7700, DK $7000) of the San Diego Chargers looks to continue pleasing his fantasy owners this year against the Oakland Raiders who are the 2nd worse team at stopping the run.  They are giving up 134.5 yards per game.  If the Raiders plan to stay near the top of the AFC West with the Denver Broncos they are going to have to figure out how to stop the run and they will not be doing that this week.  Gordon last week ran the ball 19 times for 36 yards and caught the ball six times for another 43 yards.  He added two touchdowns via the run in which he leads the lead with six total.  I look for him to add two more touchdowns this weekend against a weak Oakland defense.  This prediction gets my man JUICED UP week 5 honors

Hey HOUSTON why didn’t you pick up the phone when I called last week.  I was trying to tell you all that there was a problem.  I hate being ignored.  Demarco Murray (FD $8400, DK $7200) had the most fantasy points in the first month of football.  Who would have thought.  This guy is on pace for more than 600 yards receiving and 2000 yards from scrimmage.  Those numbers in itself will tell you that he is a must have this week.  I did fail to mention that he is going up against Miami who have surrendered 519 yards on the ground already.  Look for Murray to add at least another 100 yards and a few touchdowns to that total.  I got two words for you…JUICED UP

Also for the second week in a row I am putting LaGarrett Blount (FD $7500, DK $5600) on the list of top 5s.  Last week was his worse week of the year but I’m not sure why no one else did what the Bills did.  They put eight in the box and flood the gaps.  New England didn’t have a quarterback who could throw the ball.  Not the same this week as Mr. Deflategate makes his season debut this Sunday.  With Brady back on the field, opposing teams will have to respect the pass and that is why Blount will be back on track this week.  I see Tom controlling this game evenly with the pass and run.  He is still ranked in the top three in rushing yards, yards per game, and touchdowns.  Only thing to watch for is his hip.  He did participate in practice so this tells me that he should be fine come Sunday.  Look for Blount to be JUICED UP for week 5

Fifth round Rookie out of Indiana (my home state) Jordan Howard (FD $7200, DK $5200) ran over the Detroit Lions last week for a total of 111 yards on 23 carries.  He failed to find the end zone but still had a very productive week.  This week he goes up against a team that is historically known to be unable to stop the rush, my Indianapolis Colts.  The Colts give up 104 yards on the ground per game and have already let opposing running backs reach the end zone five times.  Colts used to stand for Count On Losing This Sunday before Hall Of Famer Peyton Manning came to town but this 2016 team has this acronym coming back.  The Count On Losing This Sunday Colts might not lose this Sunday but they will lose the run game battle when Jordan reaches 125 yards rushing with touchdowns.  Jordan gets his JUICED UP honors this weekend after getting his first of two rushing touchdowns of his career.

This weeks’ sleeper pick is Terrance West (FD $6400, DK $4800) of the Baltimore Ravens.  West has 54 carries for 232 yards and one touchdown for the year.  Last week against the Raiders he had 21 carries for 113 yards and one touchdown.  He did how ever have his first fumble against the Oakland defense.  This week he goes up against a team that is pretty charitable when it comes to touchdowns.  The Washington Redskins lead the league in allowing eight rushing touchdowns.  That’s two per game guys.  That’s like giving every team a two touchdown lead before kickoff.  They can’t stop the run.  They don’t have the talent to stop the run.  Look for Terrance to run up and down the field Sunday.  He will have a field day with over 100 yards rushing with three rushing touchdowns.  Yes I said it.  Three!  This gets my man JUICED UP.


Thanks for reading this weeks’ edition.  Come and join my friends and family here at DWL and see for yourself that with our knowledge and skills will fill your pockets with my best friend Ben Franklin ($100 bill).


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