FanDuel MLB Cheat Sheet & DraftKings Wednesday, (10/5) (UPDATED)
October 5, 2016
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FanDuel NFL Cheat Sheet & DraftKings 2016 Week 5
October 6, 2016

Fanduel NFL 2016 Week 5 Top Picks for QB & WR STACK For Draftkings

Daily Fantasy Football NFL 2016 Week 5 Experts QB & WR Stack for Fanduel & DraftKings

Daily Fantasy Football NFL 2016 Week 5 Experts QB & WR Stack for Fanduel & DraftKings


Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to week 5 in the 2016-2017 NFL season. Last week’s top QB and WR stacks were right on the money as 2 out of our 3 stacks dominated the rest of the league. Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown destroyed the Kansas City Chiefs defense while Matt Ryan and Julio Jones set a franchise record against the overrated Carolina Panthers. Here at DFS WINNING LINEUPS we strive to push the best product possible to our members. Last week was a success and we look to do the same every week. Our research is nonstop and if you are looking to be a winner in more than one category the NBA regular season is almost here so go and check out our VIP package. Also follow us on twitter @WinnersLineups. Now let’s get into the top QB & WR stacks for week 5.


QB Aaron Rodgers (GB) (FD:$9100) WR Jordy Nelson (GB) (FD:$8400)

Aaron Rodgers (DK: $7700) and Jordy Nelson (DK: $7900) are coming off a bye week and what better day to choose a duo than after a week of rest. I see a huge advantage against the New York Giants this week as Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson will have a fresh pair of legs against an injured New York Giants secondary. Even if their secondary is back in affect it’s hard to come back after injury. Let alone against Aaron Rodgers who is chalked up as one of my top 5 quarterbacks this week. Jordy Nelson bleeds green and I always get excited about a player who has true passion for the game. He will without a doubt expose the secondary of the New York Giants this week as he is averaging almost 18 Fanduel points over the course of 3 games. Get excited for some touchdowns this week and watch the duo make some noise.


QB Philip Rivers (SD) (FD:$8300) WR Travis Benjamin (FD: $6500)

I highly recommend Philip Rivers (DK: $6900) this week against the Oakland Raiders. When I say highly Recommend I’m not just blowing smoke. The Oakland Raiders have allowed the most passing yards and 3rd most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks so far, this season. This is a good opportunity for Philip Rivers to show that he is still a premier quarterback in the National Football League. When it comes to Travis Benjamin (DK: $6500) I am high and mighty on comeback game this week. He has had two bad games in a row but the matchup is good for him and I expect a couple touchdowns out of him when the Chargers travel to play the Oakland Raiders. Top tier stuff here guys. Take note and lock the duo.


QB Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) (FD: $8600) WR Antonio Brown (PIT) (FD: $9600)

Ben Roethlisberger (DK: $7100) and Antonio Brown (DK: $9800) is really all you can ask for when making a QB and WR decision. Playing against the New York Jets just makes it that much sweeter. The New York Jets are allowing the 9th most fantasy points to wide receivers so far, this year and that’s not really saying much since they haven’t even seen a wide receiver this year that even comes close to the level that Antonio Brown is on. Expect Ben Roethlisberger to target Antonio Brown all game long and embarrass the New York Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis. If you can find a little value in your lineups this week this is the perfect duo to target.


QB Tom Brady (NE) (FD:$8700) WR Julian Edelman (NE) ($7000)

What better week to play your first game back then against the Cleveland Browns. The Browns rank 25th in the league in yards allowed per game by opposing quarterbacks and you know Tom Brady (DK: $7500) is itching to throw the ball. Tom Brady is a league veteran. He knows how to win and he always finds a way to win. My bet is he doesn’t come out throwing the long ball right out the gate. I think he plays the field and works the short game with no other than Julian Edelman (DK: $6700). Julian Edelman hasn’t had the best year so far but he really hasn’t had his elite quarterback either. In search of touchdown #2 on the season Julian Edelman should get plenty of looks from the quarterback who put him on the map.


QB Derek Carr (OAK) (FD:$8100) WR Michael Crabtree (OAK) (FD:$6900)

These two will probably be one of the top owned duos on the slate here this week against the San Diego Chargers whose defense has allowed a ridiculous number of yards through the air so far, this season. Quarterbacks are throwing for over 300 yards against the San Diego Chargers in every game this season. Derek Carr (DK: $6800) has 9 touchdown passes this season with 4 of those going to Michael Crabtree (DK: $6900) who had 3 those and 88 receiving yards last week. If you’re a true NFL fan then this should be an easy pick and should come without a second guessing. When picking your QB this week really take into consideration how elite Derek Carr is. Watch him and evaluate his skill level. He does things that no NFL quarterback can do.


Sneak stack to consider: QB Carson Wentz (PHI) (FD:$7500) (DK:$6400)

WR Jordan Mathews (PHI) ($7000) (DK: $6800)

As an athlete in his younger years, Shane Kilgore developed a deep understanding of what it takes for a player to produce at the top of their game. Using that knowledge and an obsessive research habit has led to player picks and insights that many other writers would miss. As a daily fantasy sports player, Shane uses those picks and insights to win! Follow Shane on Twitter @Lineupzone


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