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Daily Fantasy NASCAR Cheat Sheet For Bristol Motor Speedway

Daily Fantasy NASCAR Cheat Sheet & Top Picks For Bristol Motor Speedway DraftKings DFS NASCAR Contests 8/21/2016

NASCAR Cheat Sheet: Bristol Motor Speedway is one of NASCAR’s loudest tracks in the country so that’s something to keep in mind when you’re conducting your lineups this week. In order to succeed and excel at this level, especially at this particular track, consistency and confidence are key elements to success. This will be an interesting week of NASCAR as last week it got rained out and had to be rescheduled for Monday. Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch are the studs of the week and should definitely exceed value.

Track History for Bristol the last 6 years.

2010-0503/21/1043Jimmie Johnson4Chevrolet.533P2674,773,304124.6301010379.61829
2010-2408/21/1043Kyle Busch19Toyota.533P2675,383,905123.47573999.07115
2011-0403/20/1143Kyle Busch12Toyota.533P2674,778,416128.014105791.94117
2011-2408/27/1143Brad Keselowski8Dodge.533P2675,399,412122.81164296.75322
2012-0403/18/1243Brad Keselowski5Dodge.533P2674,866,774125.21554993.03713
2012-2408/25/1243Denny Hamlin8Toyota.533P2675,511,414138784.40222
2013-0403/17/1343Kasey Kahne2Chevrolet.533P2674,983,720129.535106692.20617
2013-2408/24/1343Matt Kenseth5Toyota.533P2675,659,335128.969117490.27916
2014-0403/16/1443Carl Edwards12Ford.533P2685,092,056129.991129584.05120
2014-2408/23/1443Joey Logano5Ford.533P2675,774,151131.36296492.96516
2015-0804/19/1543Matt Kenseth1Toyota.533P2725,021,818128.6321111774.99721
2015-2408/22/1543Joey Logano5Ford.533P2675,775,910131.40785296.89114
2016-0804/17/1640Carl Edwards


Top 5 Drivers:

  1. Chase Elliot is the driver that most people should pick in there lineups this week due to his recent success at Bristol. He’s averaged 4th the past 3 years here and that’s the best out of all drivers. Let’s not forget Elliot is 12th in the Sprint Cup Series standings so he’s looking for a big win this week to secure a top 10 spot.
  2. Joey Logano is having a year of his lifetime. He finished 2nd last week, racking in 51 fantasy points. There’s no doubt about it that Logano is one of the best drivers this year as he’s been pretty consistent for the most part. Joey is 6th in the Sprint Cup Series and knows a win this week would move him up in the leaderboards. His past success at Bristol is extraordinary, winning 2 races here in the last 3 years. He’s a no brainer and definitely a stud this week for any game type.
  3. Carl Edwards is the guy a lot of people pursue to obtain in their weekly lineups due to his efficient racing. Indeed, he did have an off week last week finishing 15th but I expect him to come back with a bang at Bristol. He’s always one of the highest owned drivers because he’s always on his A game and is one of the oldest drivers left today. Edwards is 5th in the Sprint Cup Series standing and would really like to secure a top 5 spot to boost his standing. Also, another significant reason that I like Edwards this week is because he’s won 2 races here in the last 5 years.
  4. Tony Stewart is another guy I really like this week despite the result of his season so far. Stewart is 26th in the standings and really needs a top 5 finish if he wants to try and finish in the top 10 this year. Tony is an underdog in this week’s race because nobody is going to want to pick him. However, in 3 races here, he’s averaged 9th in them and has 1 top 5 finish. This could be a really cheap value play that could do some damage in GPP or 50/50s.
  5. Ryan Newman isn’t too far from Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth on the standings sitting right at 11th. Newman is a driver that will put up big points and pull he unexpected at difficult tracks in challenging situations. He won’t be highly owned because most people are going to lean towards more drivers like Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick. Newman has the potential to finish really well and put up some major points at Bristol. In the last 5 races there, he’s averaged 10th, finishing top 5 in one so I’m expecting him to do execute and finish top 3.


As an athlete in his younger years, Shane Kilgore developed a deep understanding of what it takes for a player to produce at the top of their game. Using that knowledge and an obsessive research habit has led to player picks and insights that many other writers would miss. As a daily fantasy sports player, Shane uses those picks and insights to win! Follow Shane on Twitter @Lineupzone


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