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Free DFS Advice & Fanduel Expert Picks For Daily Fantasy Basketball NBA Fanduel Free Picks & DraftKings Advice For Fanduel NBA Lineup Tuesday April 5, 2016

Free daily fantasy basketball NBA lineup advice and picks to help you build your winning Fanduel NBA lineup and DraftKings Tuesday April 5, 2016

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Stephen Curry GS

( FANDUEL $10,400 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $10,400 ) ( Opponent – MIN )  Proj. Pts 51

The league’s highest scoring back court killed it against Portland. Stephen Curry had a game high 39 points to lead the Warriors to a win. He also added 6 rebounds, 7 assists, and two steals. I really don’t think he should be someone you should be scared to deploy in your lineup considering they are chasing the all- time record for win. With as much upside as Stephen Curry has it is best to pay up for him and find some value in your lineup.

Tyler Ennis MIL 

( FANDUEL $3,900 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $3,600 ) ( Opponent – CLE )  Proj. Pts 24

With Jerryd Bayless out of the picture for now we look to Tyler Ennis for some serious production. The thing I like about him is he always seems to stay calm on the floor. No matter what the score he stay’s relaxed and just play’s his game. Look as if his teammates really trust him and in the DFS world this is always a bonus. Having a likeable guy in your roster always serves as a nice bump because you know the minutes are going to be there. Last game he played 31 minutes off the bench and posted 7 points, 8 assist and 4 rebounds. I’ll take that any night from a guy who just popped up out of nowhere. Look for him to exceed the norm tonight.

Jeff Teague ATL

( FANDUEL $6,900 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $6,100 ) ( Opponent – PHO )  Proj. Pts 37

He has seen a pretty big jump in minutes lately and has been top notch when it comes to production for the hawks. Scoring 28 points Friday; to go with 9 assists, four rebounds, two 3 pointers and two steals I find it very likely for his price to go up just a little bit, but even then he is a point guard worth having in your lineup. I would pair him with a top tier point guard tonight since he is facing off against the horrible Phoenix Suns and squeeze some extra value into your lineup. We look for Jeff Teague to keep his momentum going into tonight and we are over confident he will exceed our expectations.

Dennis Schroder ATL

( FANDUEL $4,000 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $3,900 ) ( Opponent – PHO )  Proj. Pts 24

With the possible blow out potential the Hawks have against the Phoenix Suns we see Dennis Schroder as a serious value and are hoping he sees more minutes. Dennis Schroder and Jeff Teague are 2 starting caliber point guards on the same team and they have potential to both do good on any night so I wouldn’t say that pairing them together tonight would be a bad idea. Dennis Schroder always takes advantage of the minutes given to him and the other night against the Bucks was a prime example of that. He only played 14 minutes and still scored 9 points, 6 assists, and two steals. I will look to pair them up in cash games tonight if I were you.

Toney Douglas NO

( FANDUEL $5,600 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $5,300 ) ( Opponent – PHI )  Proj. Pts 32

He scored 20 points against the Nuggets on Thursday and we look to him to repeat this same performance tonight. Facing off against the 76ers I don’t think are going to be able to hold him down and for good reason. Norris Cole doesn’t look like he will be coming back and this is good news for Toney Douglas meaning he will probably see a lot more minutes. Over his last five he has averaged 14.4 points, 3.2 rebounds, 4.4 assists, and 2.4 treys. He has been filling the void nicely and should be owned tonight if you can’t find anyone else approachable.


Devin Booker PHO

( FANDUEL $6,700 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $6,700 ) ( Opponent – ATL )  Proj. Pts 32

I will take the kid tonight against the Hawks. I don’t see them stopping Devin Booker from getting into his groove. His shooting percentage has been going down but being a good option isn’t always about the shooting percentage because he still put’s up a ton of shots. The big picture we are looking at are his minutes. He play’s around 40 minutes every night due to all the injuries on the team and that isn’t going to change the rest of the season. You can bet on that. He is a good cash or GPP option tonight and I would drop him in a line if I were you.

Tony Allen MEM

( FANDUEL $4,400 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $4,000 ) ( Opponent – CHI )  Proj. Pts 24

One of the league’s elite sources of steals we look at him tonight for some solid value production in our lineups. He will see around 20 minutes on any given night unless he is play exceptionally well and then you might see his minutes increase. If you are curious to what kind of value he brings then take the game on Sunday as an example. He played only 14 minutes and scored 10 points (5-of-8 shooting), and also added six rebounds. I wish they gave him more time on the floor but this is why we post value guys. Good GPP play if you are looking to pocket some big time players.

Tim Hardaway ATL

( FANDUEL $3,500 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $3,200 ) ( Opponent – PHO )  Proj. Pts 25

A very coachable guy on a poor Atlanta Hawks team that doesn’t get enough minutes. He has shown so much improvement and he should be given a lot more opportunities. Sources say that he only had a lucky four game stretch but that isn’t the case with Tim Hardaway. He was given good minutes for 4 games straight and then they took his minutes away. I don’t understand coaching strategies sometimes in the league but this is a guy who will give you solid value tonight in your line. If you are looking away from Tony Allen tonight this guy is who you would want to look to next.

C.J. McCollum POR

( FANDUEL $6,900 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $6,900 ) ( Opponent – SAC )  Proj. Pts 34

C.J. McCollum noted the other night that he feels like he is starting to play better because he is getting more comfortable in the league. He knows his minutes are going to be there which makes the experience of playing easier every game. I don’t know about you but I like this kind of confidence in my lineup. He knows he is going to make mistakes but plays through them and excels. He is steady seeing around 35 minutes a night and is averaging around 20 points in his last 5 games. Good play tonight against a dusty Sacramento team.

Lance Stephenson MEM

( FANDUEL $5,800 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $4,700 ) ( Opponent – CHI )  Proj. Pts 28

Continuing to play above expectations in Memphis I like his matchup tonight along with Matt Barnes against the Chicago Bulls. I wouldn’t be opposed to pairing these two up either. Posting lines of 11/12/ and 12 in his last three games it is safe to say that he will add a little more than that. Don’t take away from what he can do. He probably won’t be owned very much tonight and if he exceeds what we are looking for he could really put you in the money.


Andrew Wiggins MIN

( FANDUEL $6,800 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $6,100 ) ( Opponent – GS )  Proj. Pts 31

Finishing with 30 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, and two steals in 41 minutes against the Mavericks finally has me convinced to what he brings to the table for the Timberwolves. Coach Sam Mitchell is starting to let the young guys play through the mistakes in order for them to get the experience they need. This shows true promise for Andrew Wiggins so we should expect him to see a ton of minutes the rest of the way. He isn’t too expensive either so safe bet here tonight.

Matt Barnes MEM

( FANDUEL $5,700 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $5,200 ) ( Opponent – CHI)  Proj. Pts 27

Scoring a team high 24 points on Sunday I can always see value in Matt Barnes. I don’t know maybe it’s the way he is always playing with his head high or maybe it’s the fact that he stepped up huge when the team was dealing with injuries. Either way I like his upside tonight against a Chicago team that seriously cannot defend the Small Forward position. Playing a steady dose of 30 plus minutes ill pocket him tonight and find some high tier pricing with another small forward spot.

Harrison Barnes GS

( FANDUEL $4,700 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $4,500 ) ( Opponent – MIN)  Proj. Pts 24

With Andre Iguodala Still out Harrison Barnes should keep seeing his 35 plus minutes a night. If you haven’t notice we like to post guys like this for a reason. They get a ton of minutes and just like Harrison Barnes has showed true potential to kill a stat sheet. You will only see him hit about 10 points a night but this guy is a rebounding animal and if you are looking for that extra trickle of rebounds this is your guy. Poised to break out tonight and get it going again with the former champs.


( FANDUEL $7,600 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $7,500 ) ( Opponent – TOR )  Proj. Pts 37

I like his upside way more tonight rather than against the Cavaliers. Playing against a Toronto Raptors team who is also very lazy when defending Small Forwards I am looking at Nicolas Batum to be my main guy at the position. He is really the only consistent guy on the team and his are obviously high. I would pay up for him tonight and if anything pair him with either Harrison Barnes or Andrew Wiggins if you are sitting well with value players.


JaMychal Green  MEM 

( FANDUEL $5,800 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $4,800 ) ( Opponent – CHI )  Proj. Pts 28

If you haven’t noticed we are really targeting Memphis players tonight because the Bulls have been really off stride on the defensive side. Even though JaMychal Green is coming off the bench behind Zach Randolph they are still really banged up as far as injuries and this really hasn’t hurt his minutes at all. He has been producing steady points over the past month and with no one to question him for minutes that trend should continue to keep rolling.

Zach Randolph MEM 

( FANDUEL $7,300 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $6,400 ) ( Opponent – CHI )  Proj. Pts 32

He continues to shine on the team and still be very efficient offensively. They Grizzlies are battling for the number 5 seed for the playoffs so I would expect Zach Randolph to take on a hefty roll from now on down the stretch. Now that he is three games back from his injury we should look to keep our eye on him as he gets back into his motion of getting his teammates involved and shooting lights out when they need it most.

Serge Ibaka  OKC

( FANDUEL $5,500 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $5,500 ) ( Opponent – DEN )  Proj. Pts 29

Given the matchup against the Rockets it was kind of disappointing seeing Serge Ibaka play this bad. This is not a bang or bust guy. More often than not he will give you your money worth as he is capable of pulling off 20 point and 8 rebound nights. Even after the bad outing against Houston I still show confidence in game and I will continue to take that head on especially against the Denver Nuggets tonight who don’t really size up well against Serge Ibaka. Take advantage of the match up tonight it looks good.

Draymond Green GS

( FANDUEL $9,100 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $8,500 ) ( Opponent – MIN )  Proj. Pts 45

Recording his 13th triple-double of the season on Sunday with 22 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists in a high scoring win vs the Blazers I would continue to pay top dollar for him. His ridiculous versatility injures his playing time sometimes but his ability to contribute across the board will always be there no matter how many minutes he sees a night.  Draymond Green will continue to be a top option for us and should be for you as well despite his 69.2 percent mark at the free throw line.

Carl Landry PHI

( FANDUEL $5,100 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $4,700 ) ( Opponent – NO )  Proj. Pts 26

Okay here is a guy who is one of the future power forwards of the league. He scored 18 points in 17 minutes. That is crazy for a guy who is supposed to be seeing a bench role. If I could give you any advice when it comes to Carl Landry it would be to take advantage of him while you can. Teammate Nerlens Noel will be a day to day decision the rest of the way so Carl Landry looks to get a few more starts in. Take advantage of him while you can in order to save some cash and pay up for some top tier guys.

Alex Len PHO

( FANDUEL $5,800 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $5,800 ) ( Opponent – ATL )  Proj. Pts 28

I am going to continue to like Alex Len in all formats until the season comes to the end. The Suns don’t really have many options for big men and Alex Len really has shown his ability to get up and down the floor playing big minutes as well as stacking the stat sheets. Tonight going toe to toe with the Hawks Alex Len will continue to be the go-to big man and we should see him hit a double-double tonight if not something extra. Pocket him for what it’s worth in your GPP or cash lineup.

Tristan Thompson CLE

( FANDUEL $4,600 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $4,400 ) ( Opponent – MIL )  Proj. Pts 26

Overall you will usually see Tristan Thompson post a bare bone double-double and then a complete dud. Well we got the complete dud out of the way thanks to his last game against the hornets where he only had 4 points against a Hornets team who was without Al Jefferson. Realistically this game was kind of disappointing for him given his math up but we are on to bigger and better things for our man Tristan Thompson tonight. He should have a very solid outing tonight against the Bucks. Definitely don’t see a dud happening tonight.


Tyson Chandler  PHO

( FANDUEL $5,300 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $4,600 ) ( Opponent – ATL )  Proj. Pts 28

Okay I lied. Tyson Chandler is another big man the Suns expect to produce well. To be honest he really is a bang or bust kind of guy but when it is a bust he doesn’t completely tank. He still hit’s a strong value floor and with his price that is ultimately what we are looking for. His last 3 games he has played huge minutes up around 35 and with his price that is definitely something to take advantage of. Huge upside in GPP tonight. Pocket him as a for sure thing and put your money towards some high performance guys.

Omer Asik NO OR Alexis Ajinca

( FANDUEL $3,500 ) ( DRAFTKINGS $3,600 ) ( Opponent – PHI )  Proj. Pts 21

I really don’t ever see any reason to play him unless it is tonight against the 76ers. He didn’t play much last game meaning he will probably get some action tonight. Being one of the 3 big men on the team really forces a coach’s hand on who to play but it looks like the rotation will fall on him tonight. He won’t add a whole lot of crazy stats to your lineup but he is serves as some good value tonight as the 76ers don’t hold too much solid ground on the boards. 



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