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February 10, 2016
February 12, 2016


This week the PGA Tour stops at Pebble Beach for the AT&T Pro-Am. If you are new to Fantasy golf, and don’t feel bad if you are…it’s very new it’s self! I recommend playing on Draft Kings that’s all I will say about that. Getting back to the tournament, usually the cut is after the second round on Friday (18 Thur, 18 Fri) then a cut usually in the low 70’s. But this weekend features 3 courses so the cut will come after the third round – 54 holes then cut. If you continue to read me articles in the future (which I hope you all do!) I will stress stress stress how important it is for ALL of your players to make the cut. Not 5/6 or 4/6 or worse! You need to be 6/6 players made cut in tournaments or you don’t stand a chance. I’ve placed in the money a few times with 5/6 players going into Sunday but it was maybe my money back and that’s no fun. I mean sure it’s great to break even and be in the black but who doesn’t want to take down a big ass tourney? I know I do. If you came for cash game advice I’m sorry but this is strictly tourney play here! but I recommand our weekly PGA Lineups Package if you really want to make big money with us. DRAFTKINGS PGA LINEUP
Before we dive into some statistics I want to note that the weather looks perfect so we don’t have to target certain players/groups at different tee times throughout the day to dodge weather. It can work and I’ve done it before but it’s a useless tactic this week but remember it is things like that we will try and do through the season that will separate ourselves from the “chalk pack” fields in tournaments. And yes I just made up that phrase:) So with the beautiful weather ahead I present to you these video game like courses for these players.
Here’s this weekends courses: Spy Glass Hill comes in as the longest at 6,953 yards, Monterey Peninsula at 6,873 yards and Pebble Beach Golf Links at a measly 6,816. (All three courses are Par 72) There is no disrespect at all there but for some good amateurs thats short. Which leads me into one of two predictions I have for this tournament and the year.

Brandt Snedeker ($ 11,100) is the reigning champion and took down the field in 2013! Trust me I wanted to list Spieth first and to be honest in my notes I’m looking at I have Spieth written up first! But Mr. Snedeker is just playing out of this world right now and he loves this tournament and the courses set up perfect for him. Back to my prediction, Snedeker won last year shooting -22 under par at at total of 265! A tournament low. (when the tournament format is 4 rounds not 3 like they had in the past) My prediction is that it will take a lower score than that this weekend to win. This field is very top heavy with some high priced guys that will be flirting with under par in the low twenties. Second prediction and this ones bold:

Jordan Spieth ($ 12,300) holds his #1 player in the world ranking throughout this whole season. Yup I said it! And there’s a lot of talent out here on tour. He’s just too good folks. Way too good. Steph Curry Good! And that’s not an overstatement! Spieth is $ 12,300 on Draft Kings. His average score in fantasy points is 133.3 ! He’s over 10 times his value. It’s stupid how good this kid is. What’s that line everyone says, “fade at your own risk” ? But I don’t recommend it one bit! But he’s not the guy who I think wins this week but Jordan will finish no worse than top 5.
I’m sure if you’re filling out a lineup right now I just murdered your salary already so let’s see if we can get a sweet cinderella a little early before the big dance which is right around the corner.

Ryan Ruffels
( $6,500) This is the 17 year old who took 5 G’s out of Phil’s pocket a few weeks back in a practice round. It was obviously a side bet Mickelson want to keep between him and the youngest kid on tour because when the story leaked Phil was PIST! Obviously one of many lessons the young gun will learn throughout his career. Ruffels is good, very good! I really can’t believe he is so low priced. He’s a great tourney price and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This kid made the cut last week! So he’s $6,500 and he made the cut last week!? Sign me up. Now I know he only tallied 54.5 points but if you make the cut you never know what can come of the weekend. But like I said, the cut is after three rounds so you never know.

Charlie Beljan ($5,900) is another extremely low priced guy and he finished 3rd last year! That’s cheap with contention! However his cuts made is a horrible 1/8 which is gawd awful! But he’s super cheap!

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